Hivol 3000 High Volume Air Sampler

The HiVol 3000 incorporates advanced programming functions and electronic volumetric flow control to maintain a consistent flow and collect a truly representative sample of particulate matter.

· US EPA Manual Reference Method : RFPS-0706-162 approval for PM10

· Volumetric flow control automatically corrected to standard reference temperature

· volumetric flow range 45-96 m3/hr

· Programmable reference temperatures

· Industrial brushless motor (100,000 hours continuous field operation)

· Weather-proof marine quality anodized aluminium cabinet

· Simple programming of sampling periods, including daily and weekly programs, with in-built “1-in-X day” sampling capability

· The HiVol 3000 internal data logger store time based data average at user selectable intervals. The data includes date and time stamp, flow-rate, total sample volume, average temperature, barometric pressure, and either wind speed and wind direction, or rain-fall information, if external wind/rain sensors are installed.

· Wind direction and speed used to activate/de-activate sampler

· RS232 output for data collection and remote communication

· Filter blocked and instrument error alarms

· Operation voltage 200-240 V