Isokinetic Sampling Method


Apex Instrument Inc. offers a wide array of equipment and supplies for sampling stationary source emissions for pollutants in accordance with US EPA Reference Methods. Most of the methods are generally classified as either Isokinetic or Gaseous Sampling Methods.  

Typical Industries Tested by Apex Isokinetic Equipment:


Isokinetic Sampling Method

EPA Method
Compound for Method
Method 4
Stack Gas Moisture
Method 5

Particulate Emissions (PM)

Method 5B
Nonsulfuric Acid PM
Method 8

Sulfuric Acid Mist & SO2

Method 12
Inorganic Lead
Method 13A & 13B
Total Fluoride
Method 17

Particulate by In-stack Filtration

Method 23
Dioxins & Furans
Method 26A

Hydrogen Halides & Halogens

Method 29
Multiple Metals
Method 201A
PM10 Emissions
Method 202

Condensable Particulate Matter

Method 206
Method 306

Hexavalent Chromium from Electroplating and Anodizing Operations

Method 316

Formsldehyde from Mineral Wool and Fiberglass Industries

Method 0010

Semivolatile Organic Compound

Method 0011

Formaldehyde, Other Aldehydes and Ketones

Method 0061
Hexavalent Chromium








Gas Sampling - Manual 

Gases in most stacks or ducts often are comprised of small amounts of volatile, potentially toxic compounds in addition to major gas components such as nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. At parts per million levels, most compounds with boiling points below that of water exist in a vapor state. Because gases generally are considered to be well mixed, sampling for constituents in the vapor phase usually is done through a simple probe from a single point of average gas velocity in the stack. 

Method 3            Gas Analysis for the Determination of Dry Molecular Weight

Method 3B         Gas Analysis for the Determination of Emissions Rate Correction Factor of Excess Air

Method 4            Determination of Moisture in Stack Gases

Method 6            Determination of Sulfur Dioxide Emissions from Stationary Sources

Method 7            Determination of Nitrogen Oxide Emissions from Stationary Sources

Method 18          Integrated Bag Sampling for Organic Compounds

Method 26          Determination of Hydrogen Halide and Halogen Emissions

Method 0030     Volatile Organic Compounds (VOST)

Method 0031     Volatile Organic Compounds (SMVOC or SuperVOST)

Method 0040     Principle Organic Hazardous Constituents (POHCs) using Tedlar Bags

Method 0051     Hydrogen Chloride and Chlorine
Compact Method 5 Kit                                                                             

Method 6 Sampling Kit for VersaCase (SK-606) 

The Method 6 (SO2) Source Sampling Kit for VersaCase (SK-606) features the miniature VersaCase Method 6 measures sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions from stationary sources. A gas sample is taken from the stack, and separated from the mist.


Method 7 Source Sampling Kit


Apex Instruments offers two different options to sample for nitrogen oxide emissions. The Method 7 Source Sampling Kit is available for Methods 7, 7A and 7B. The system grabs and collects the sample in an evacuated 2 liter flask. Method 7 normally requires the collection of multiple samples at 15 minute intervals.